Jose Martinez Named among Google Chrome’s 20 Top Vulnerability Researchers in 2021

Jose Martinez_DSRC image


Jose Martinez, Principal Researcher on Vulnerabilities at DSRC has made it to the elite list of Google Top 20 Chrome VRP Researchers for this year. In a Tweet celebrating the researchers for their effort in helping to make the Chrome Browser and Chrome OS safe for all users, Jose Martinez made the 14th spot on the list of elite researchers credited for the achievement.

Prof. Martinez commended the efforts of Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Acting Chief Researcher, DSRC and the wider team for the integrated research and direction – and said having impactful and resourceful researchers at TII is one of DSRC’s most critical and defining advantages. He added that the recognition awarded by Google to him as a key member of the DSRC team demonstrates the global calibre of the Center.

As the Chrome browser is the most widely used browser in the world and runs on devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc., a security vulnerability in such a widely used application means severe implications ranging from violation of privacy to complete hijacking of the device (via remote code execution) leading to more serious consequences. Having detected such a vulnerability and demonstrated the exploitation of the same by writing a Proof-of-concept exploit, Jose helped Google to improve the security of the Chrome browser, resulting in a safer digital environment. On a more generic level, such findings will lead to pushing the boundaries of secure development practices and mitigations adopted by large organisations like Google still further.

He noted that the accolade also showed the depth of knowledge and expertise on advanced security research – both in the defensive and offensive domains. This particular recognition pertains to one of the most serious vulnerabilities in the widely used Chrome browser. As someone instrumental in identifying the vulnerabilities, Prof. Jose Martinez believed the achievement could significantly enhance TII’s reputation in the global security community and result in attracting other subject-matter experts to further advance in-house research work.

The full list of the 20 researchers selected this year follows:

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