World of Makers, from the Idea to the Prototype

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Online seminar - April 18, 2021, 9:00am – 11:00am GST




World of Makers, from the Idea to the prototype

Milosch Meriac 

Director Signals and Electronics, Directed Energy Research Centre, Technology Innovation Institute



Everybody Is A Maker: Rapid Mechanical Prototyping Using Laser Cutters


With easy access to laser-cutting facilities at the MakerSpace in Al Zeina today - and in the new DERC TII Facility in the future - rapid prototyping has become easily accessible to everyone here at TII. In this talk, we will present the advantages of constructing test fixtures, prototypes and small production batches out of Wood and Acrylic - and compare these with traditional 3D printing techniques. We will show design strategies & tricks, increased precision and integration with moving parts. 

The target audience is every researcher and engineer. The talk doesn't require pre-existing knowledge in mechanical engineering or any DIY experience.

World of Makers, from the Idea to the prototype


Paul Duggan

Founder and CEO Makerspace People



Makerspaces and the fourth industrial revolution


Media is full of references to the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ and the promises it brings but what does that term mean and do we really understand the potential?

We describe how the market and workplace functions today and how that will transform in the next five years. How will this impact workflows and processes and what additional capabilities will it bring?

For engineers, how will it transform their lives and make work more interesting and fulfilling? How can the new capabilities be used to undertake research and projects not possible today?

In parallel what impact will the new strategy for Operation 300bn have on manufacturing in the UAE and what new resources and facilities are required to make it a reality? What role can 4IR makerspaces play in delivering on the vision?



Mohammed AlKaabi & Mohamed AlYousef

Directed Energy Research Centre, Technology Innovation Institute



Tackling Emerging Problems with Fast Prototyping - COVID-19


COVID-19, an unprecedented global pandemic that changed our lives, is a challenge that the world had to combat together. With the virus being fast-spreading and fatal, fast thinking and problem-solving skills were of critical essence. It was possible to develop solutions very fast with the use of proper workshops that offer technologies such as 3D-printing, laser-cutting, and circuit prototyping. In this talk, we will be presenting our experience at Makerspace Al Zeina, where some of the DERC team members and other colleagues joined forces in utilizing the workshop and the tools available to quickly prototype an ozone disinfection chamber, a UV-light disinfection box, and customizable 3D-printed masks. That contributes to increasing PPE stock available by disinfecting, reusing them, and making new ones.